Why so many? Because each area is rich in its own unique history.

All tours touch on pioneers who paved the way as well as celebrities who enjoyed frolicking privately in Palm Springs making the desert a perfect playground, supplying us with fun stories to share.

You learn about notable architects and the structures they built, the role drought tolerant landscaping plays. As you walk or bike our sunny streets lined with an abundance of architectural styles it's easy to see how an array of famous architects embraced this landscape when building these gems still envied today.

See the beauty and hear the history and fun stories tied to our city as you yourself enjoy this oasis.

EMAIL  or Text or Call  our Tour Coordinator  760.844.2242 to arrange a tour.

How do I choose?

You will get a bit of everything on all tours but this might help you narrow down your interest.

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Most Popular Tours:
Golden Era Hollywood Homes
Frank Sinatra's Neighborhood
Rat Pack Playground

Emphasis on Midcentury Modern:
Twin Palms
Modernist Treasures
Rat Pack Playground

Shangri-La of the Stars
Giants of Architecture

Eclectic Enclaves
Celebrity Haven
Hidden Paradise

Historical City Significance
Heart of the City
Desert Stardust
Inns, Architecture and Glamour
Cherished Legacies

Celebrity Stories and their Dwellings
Golden Era Hollywood Homes
Rat Pack Playground
Shangri-La of the Stars
Frank Sinatra's Neighborhood

Desert Landscaping
Modernist Treasures
Shangri-La of the Stars
Twin Palms Estates

Biking Tours
Both Start downtown.
Bike Like a Star - travels to North Palm Springs (level moderate-hills)
Bike the Mid Mod Oasis - travels to South Palm Springs (level beginner)


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Paradise Haven Inns Stardust Rat Pack
Twin Palms Legacies




Mid Mod
Mid Mod
Mid Mod
Star Star