Something's Happening Here: A Memoir of the 60s


Dennis Hicks was a polite, middle class, Roman Catholic, Republican kid as the 60s dawned in America, but something happened.

The Vietnam War erupted and Hicks' fight to avoid the draft in 1965-66 triggered a challenge to all his dearly held assumptions about the government and America's promise of equality. His radicalization reflects America's terrifying polarization. His evolution into a Cultural as well as Marxist revolutionary will blow your mind as much as it did his. It's all there: sex, drugs and rock and roll, including his first LSD trip at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967.

The story of his making a documentary film on the Los Angeles Black Panther Party is electrifying. Something's Happening Here turns the political into something very personal. Hicks' memoir is the story of an era that changed America.

Author: Dennis Hicks

Publisher: Marco Press (1st edition)
© 2018
soft cover
222 pages
6 x 0.5 x 9 inches

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