- Fashion Week 2019 “Hollywood Party — Nobody Sleeps Tonight”

Hollywood Party Nobody Sleeps Tonight Fashion Week 2019

Even today the Helen Rose Collection shines as bright as the stars who wore them.

The crowd cheered, as these vintage dresses teased the audience with the glamorous Hollywood era. Oh! Ah! Whispers of wanting that dress were echoed throughout the tent. Even the models couldn't help but smile, gleaming as they strutted down the cat walk in costumes of cinema past, playfully showing them off.

These delicate designs showcase the creative genius of Helen Rose who knew clothes had to move with a woman. Each one unique, crafted with so much thought and detail. Conscious of how light reflects she used creative color combinations and luxurious fabrics.

Evident by the reaction you know The House of Helen Rose would be a hit today.

The Palm Springs Historical Society proudly preserves and protects this precious Helen Rose Collection thanks to the support of its members. Thank you members! The show was presented by Donna J. Macmillan and KHA Architects.

posted Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Hollywood Party - Nobody Sleeps Tonight
















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