- New Walking Tour 3 dates only

Twin Palms Estates walking tour was so popular during Modernism Week we are offering it for three days in March. The Alexander Construction Company and Palmer and Krisel were a dream team and this is the first tract development they built in Palm Springs in 1956. 

As the architects considered landscaping an integral part of the architectural design, this tour features the desert landscaping and the many plant species that complement the innovative architecture. The houses are a stunning example of midcentury modernism. Each house appears to be custom built because of alternating facades, changing site orientations, and using a variety of rooflines, including the dramatic butterfly style.

Come learn more and discover about the creative genius of these Architects and Developers and why these gems still stand proud today.

Monday, March 09, 16 and 23. 9:30 am
$25 - 2 hour tour 


twin palms estate housetwin palms estates house green butterfly rooftwin palms estates house butterfly roof