- Forever Marilyn

Where is Marilyn now?

Sadly, the statue will remain in storage until the downtown Park is complete, perhaps some time next year. The new park – a 50,000-square-foot rectangle – is planned for an area in front of the Palm Springs Art Museum in the downtown redevelopment.

In 2018, the statue was displayed at Latham Park in Stamford, Connecticut as part of a large public art exhibition honoring the works of Seward Johnson.

Monday, April 1, 2014

The 26 foot tall, 34,000 pound sculpture was disassembled. Tuesday morning the crane loaded the four pieces plus base onto two flat bed trucks headed to Hamilton, New Jersey.

After 22 months in Palm Springs the Seward Johnson statue took a 7 day trip across country making at least 10 city stops along the way for "I Saw Marilyn!" photo ops. She headed to the Grounds for Sculpture, in Hamilton, N.J. for a May 4 - July 2015 retrospective on the life and work of Johnson, who turned 84 in 2015.

Seward Johnson: The Retrospective

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